Taking my Sleeve On The Road !

It's Vacation Time of the Year...  The Newly Sleeved, Bypassed and Banded are terrified!  

There's no need to fret -  fake it til you make your Weight Loss Goals happen.    Act as if you have been eating healthy all your life.  Order your food with the confidence and affirmativeness needed to make the wise food choices for you.    


You can not live without going away from home for the rest of your life...  Make healthy eating a habit.  This way you can enjoy life with your new body and feel good while doing it.

You deserve it...   This is what all that hard work was for :-)  I mean really - I didn't go thru that Pre-Op Diet for nothing !!!  :-O 

Wear the two piece bikini,  Eat the Cobb Salad,   Go on a hike,   Swim in the ocean ...  

Do It All ! 

Dont let eating become a fear - it can still be enjoyable...  and healthy!  ;-))