So you've lost the weight ... Now What ?

Celebrate Yourself !     

You have now gotten your second chance at starting a new healthier lifestyle.  Your Life is the reason you did all this...  right?!?     So go out and live it !       Do not spend your time in fear of the unknown...

Be courageous because you already are!

You did what many could not succeed at - Regained Control !

Now its about Balance and Maintaining.  You can not fully return to your poor eating behaviors however, a slice of pizza 'once in a blue moon'  will not kill all your success.  Remember life isn't about depriving yourself of every single thing edible that tastes good.   Its about maintaining control and allowing balance in your life.    

Too much of anything is Harmful.

This includes the gym and workouts too!      YES, I said it.       No, I do not spend every single moment in the gym or working out.    Think about your life - before and after bariatric surgery:       

  • Do you really want to miss out on the joyous feeling of not having to use a seat belt extender on the airplane?                                                                                                                                  
  • The fabulous feeling of dancing at a club to your favorite song and not have your feet hurt?     

LIVE.  The walls of the gym won't teach you a new language while in another country.

You will be depriving yourself of Life  -  Trading the 'Prison of Fat'   for  'A Gym Prison'.

Be Cool...  Be Well (mentally and physically)...  Live.