Happiness IS Holding You Back From Success

I had an A HA thought this morning while sipping my coffee...

I have had quite a few bariatric 'friend' folk confide in me about not being able to lose weight and maintain the weight loss despite eating well and exercising regularly...

It made me start thinking of all types of reasons... but one reason stood out ------------------->       


With  "Weight Loss Happiness"  comes with lots of expectations and fears.

Expectations...  of meeting criteria for skin removal,  getting to your ideal weight goal,  etc...     

Fears...   of maintaining a healthy diet, keeping up with social relationships, being active again...  

YOU and YOU alone are now responsible for the changes in your weight.

NO MORE EXCUSES...            No more blaming your parents, spouse, your kid, work, time, etc.. There's only YOU.

This is scary - knowing that it all falls on you.   After surgery you discover,  You alone are in the process of regaining Control.

Tell yourself - YOU CAN DO THIS!    Add little motivational notes to certain places in your environment :     in your wallet,  on your mirror,   engravings on a bracelet...


Make a  'Date' with yourself.  Self Care Moments are necessary.     Try making 5 to 15 minute 'Mini Dates' everyday where you are alone to process thoughts,  write in a journal,  listening to music, or just be.     Sometimes people don't have everyday --- so have a self care day once a week or twice a month.   Plan an Appointment at a local spa,  Purchase an Affordable gift for yourself,  Take yourself out to lunch or coffee... Taking time to enjoy yourself - By yourself.

Your Emotional Health is directly connected to your Physical Health.    You are a Whole Person.   Take Care of THE TOTALITY OF YOU.

Happy Losing   :-))  

"... every small choice throughout the day makes for big changes later..."