All Yogurts are NOT created Protein Equals !

The yogurts pictured here are well known name brand yogurts...  only one is considered ‘Bariatric-Friendly’.



Lots of“Bariatric Newbies”  are confused about what yogurts are good for them after weight loss surgery. 

You essentially want to look for High Protein/ Low Carbs...  The lower the carb, the better for you. This will sometimes mean the taste will be a bit more sour the less sugar that’s in it.  Your taste buds will adjust and over time you won't even notice the difference.

Buying the ‘fruit at the bottom’ kind has an extreme amount of sugar (carbs) and preservatives in it - that’s a no no if you’re looking to have a successful weight loss journey. 






Give different brands a try to see what brand(s) you like.  

Be open minded. 

If necessary, you can add a bit of zero calorie sweetener or a very small amount of fresh fruit. 

Get used to Yogurt and many other foods tasting different after WLS (weight loss surgery)

It’s part of your journey to a healthier, thinner you.



Keep Moving;-))  

Success is in your control.