Roadblocks To Success...


This is a question I get asked a lot, especially when a fellow 'Protein Wrangler'  (those who have had bariatric surgery)  has seen my Before & After photos.


Try reviewing some of these issues/ tips:

  • Are you Eating Enough Calories?     Sometimes after surgery, you still aren't getting hungry - that's totally understandable... I didn't either.  I had to actually set my watch timer to make myself eat.    This lack of hunger sometimes happens because there was an extreme decrease or elimination of  'Ghrelin' (hunger hormone) when the gastric surgery was performed.


  • Do you  "Plan" your meals?      Taking a break from 'Take Out' will help you begin to shed the extra pounds you don't want.   Buy the groceries, Home Cook, and Fix your Tupperware for the week.  Doing this you will see and know exactly what you are consuming daily.


  • Are you Eating Too many Slider Foods?       You know the those easy tasty treats... cracker snacks, popcorn, cheese snacks/crackers, tortilla chips with salsa, potato chips, sugar-free cookies, cakes, and candy.  They are easy traps to snack on - try instead some yogurt, cottage cheese, or tuna with raw veggies.  


  • Has your Exercise Routine Increased greatly?      Exercising increases the energy you burn and will require you to consume more... So if you are not eating enough calories to sustain the output, you will see your metabolism not respond to the exercise.

The biggest lesson I've learned during this Weight Loss Journey is Balance IS Key.  Eating Well goes hand in hand with Proper Exercise along with an equal amount of Fun is Okay too!    

Life is meant to be lived - Find YOUR Balance.

Have a Happy Weight Loss Journey :-))