Beware the "Honeymoon Phase" Zone !

"Bariatric Honeymoon Phase" :  This is the time period for Bariatric patients where the weight seems to just fall off and you could cough and lose 3 lbs !   Lots of times, the eating very little and not feeling the hunger in the beginning after surgery can be a jubilant experience !

Then it happens...  about 12 to 16 months after weight loss surgery - you gain a pound... or three!

WTF ?!?!   Your mind starts to spin out of control... What did I eat yesterday?   Did I 'poop' today? OMG... Have I stretched my pouch too far ?     Damn ... I knew I shouldn't have gone out drinking with the girls two weeks ago ?!?!

Take a breath.    Sigh.    Inhale and Exhale.     You are okay and It is okay.    It happens.  It happened to me too.   All of sudden, I was a fantastic 161 lbs and BOOM...  A mere 15 months out from surgery, I stepped on the scale at the gym one Saturday morning and there it was 165 lbs !  Why ? I almost cried standing in my local gym after an intense regular workout.  I couldn't understand what was happening.   

For some people,  4 lbs is nothing.  However for a bariatric patient, it is a daunting and often one of the scariest things to experience - WEIGHT GAIN

I had to reevaluate what my lifestyle behaviors were.  

  • Am I eating and drinking together?  
  • Maybe I slipped up one too many times with breads, sweets, and other starchy carbs?  
  • Am I logging ALL the foods I eat?  
  • Drinking enough Water?
  • Exercising or Moving enough ?

So I went back to basics for an entire 10 days.  Only consuming High Protein and very little Carbs all the while I made sure to move and exercise daily.  No weighing myself for ten whole days -  (GULP.....  almost died!)    But after diligence and hard work - It paid off !  I'm back to my comfortable 161 lbs. and feeling elated that I now have the tools to regain control.

 My Current Weight:  Comfortable Where I am...

My Current Weight:  Comfortable Where I am...