Bariatric Aftercare Assistance Services

  Bariatric Aftercare Assistance Services for those who are Pre Op thru to 24 months Post Op.

Bariatric Aftercare Assistance Services for those who are Pre Op thru to 24 months Post Op.


We offer personal one on one aftercare services for those who are within 2 years of their bariatric surgical procedure.

From Pre Op thru Post Op, the first 24 months directly after bariatric surgery is vitally critical. This is when most people will see major changes within themselves on a mental, physical, and emotional level. This comprehensive metamorphosis will bring up some issues that aren't always discussed in detail by bariatric surgeons and bariatric healthcare professionals.  

Bariatric Aftercare Assistants are here for you !

Bariatric Aftercare Assistants will provide a confidential, discreet, and safe forum to get customized personal assistance for those who are on their bariatric weight loss journey.       We will be able to give you exemplary support because we have a very unique skill -            We, too, have experienced Bariatric Surgery and Skin Removal/Corrective Surgeries !!!                So the advice you receive is coming from 'Weight Loss Veterans' who have been able to maintain their goal weight for the long term.                      

You will experience a wonderful weight loss of your own in your first 24 months and having help from someone who has been there will give you long term success and help to keep off the excess weight.     So have a plan...  Plan to make us a part of your successful journey ! 

Bariatric Aftercare Assistance Services will give you personalized support services such as:

  • Day of Surgery Support -  Don't have an emergency contact ?  Need someone to go with you to the hospital for the Day of Surgery ?    We are support that is here for you !                                  Just make a   Day of Surgery Request   via email: *New York City area only                                                                                                    Cost:  $10. per day


  • Food Shopping and Meal Prep -  We will go with you on your shopping trip to show you how to read nutritional labels and to assist you in making wise food choices.             *New York City area only                                                                                                      Cost:   $5 per shopping trip or meal prep session


  • Social Advice -   We will help you navigate living a full life like:  How to order while at a restaurant, What to do when you are craving those 'negative foods',  How to handle unsupportive people, etc.                                                                                                   *New York City area only                                                                                                    Cost:  $5 . per session  (session: 30 - 40 minutes)


  • Pre-Op "Success Talks" -  We can speak to any group/conference/organization/seminar  to give our own personal accounts and experiences with gastric surgery and skin removal surgery.  We can speak for 30-45 minutes and provide a Q & A session for anyone who has questions.                                                                                                      ** Open to Travel (Travel Expenses in addition to Speaker's fee)                                           Cost:   $50. speaker's fee + travel expenses 


Life begins with the day of surgery... No more weight to hold you down.  It's time to Live Fully!  Take Control - This is not a fad diet...        This a Lifestyle Change!       

You plan all the great moments of your life ... Weddings, Babies, Trips, etc.                             Plan your Weight Loss Success as well ------->   We are waiting to hear from you ! 

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